Meet the Inspector 

Michael A. Brisbin, Licensed Home Inspector. Michael has been a full time Home Inspector since 1993; serving the greater Puget Sound area. Mike has experience in the remodeling and the construction industry, mechanical and civil engineering, and worked for the Building and Public Works department at the City of Bothell. He attended the University of Washington, studying Civil and Mechanical Engineering. Mike has performed thousands of inspections around the Puget Sound region, in four counties; inspections on single-family homes, multi-family buildings, condos, manufactured homes and new construction.

Mike is an active member in the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) - both at the National level and with the Washington Chapter, since 1996. He served as the Chapter Vice President and President between 2011-2016. As a member of ASHI, Mike follows the strict Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, which all members must adhere to as a minimum inspection standard. Mike is also an Associate Member of the Washington State Pest Management Association (WSPMA). To maintain the WA State Structural Pest Inspector (SPI) License, 60 hours of approved education credits (every 5 years) is required in the Home Inspection/Pest/WDO fields. This WSDA SPI license is strongly recommended for all home inspectors performing WDO/WDI inspections. Mike acquired his license in 1993, at the beginning of his home inspection career. 

Due to recent changes in my family business, I am currently working as a single-person operation. Christi Baqui returned to her regular job as a paralegal. So I am the Office manager, as well as, the Home Inspector

Jane Brisbin was a real estate broker, an insurance broker, a Feng Shui consultant, and my Office Manager for several years. After a long battle with dementia, she succumb to the disease and passed away in mid- 2020. I dedicate my entire career as a Home Inspector to the memory of my late wife.

Early on in our relationship, Jane encouraged me to find a career that I would be passionate about, and find a job that I would love to go to every day. She knew that I was a hard-working, and wanted to learn about new things all the time. 

I discovered the home inspection industry, and determined it was a combination of all my skills and interests, and I wanted to become a Home Inspector. She convinced me to become a self-employed entrepreneur. Even though that was new to me, she had been self-employed for most of her adult life. With her help, I took the leap, and started my own business.  

We attended multiple home inspection conferences together over the years, and we talked for countless hours about the real estate market and the home inspection industry. 

I would not have the successful Home Inspection business I currently own, if it wasn't for her encouragement and perseverance with my home inspection career. And for that, I dedicate all my remaining years as a Home Inspector to my loving wife Jane.


Serving the Puget Sound Area Since 1993