Things We've Seen

The new furnace was installed in the attic space, but not exactly readily accessible.
The roofer was apparently having issues with the flashing installation.
The new electrical panel box is missing all the bushing to protect the wiring.
This bathroom was recently remodeled; the toilet leaks and there is damage to the framing.
The chimney shifted about 2" during the a large earthquake and will probably collapse during the next one.
The beam was notched and supported only by the foundation wall. Someone forgot the post.
The newer drain-waste pipe was improperly connected to the older sewer system.
The opening at the base of the new furnace will interfere with the burner operation – and is a significant safety hazard.
At least they got one of the P-traps installed properly.
Several of the breakers are double and triple-tapped; a significant safety hazard.
The discharge pipe on the water heater runs uphill
The garage door traveler is installed poorly.
The garage firedoor is installed backwards on this new house.
Condensing furnace with a significant leak into the metal pan.
Flex connector installed inside the furnace cabinet.
Newer roof installed over charred wood framing.
P-trap is missing under the sink.

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